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About our client


360insights is one of the largest global Channel Incentives Management providers offering services and support relating to consumer rebates, volume incentives, points programs, sales allowances and more. It works with over 330 global brands in a wide array of industries (automotive, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and more). 

As part of its Consumer Rebate services, 360insights processes hundreds of thousands of claims annually in Canada on behalf of its clients.

The challengeCase Study_360insights - The Challenge

360insights was internally scanning a very high volume of mailed in claims each year, which included supporting documentation such as proof of purchase, rebate eligibility forms, and UPC codes.

The digitization of these claims, including the seasonal fluctuations in volume and tight turnaround times required by 360insights’ clients, was becoming increasingly difficult to manage internally and was a distraction from 360insights’ core competencies.

As 360insights was expanding its client base, continued management of this process in-house was becoming untenable, especially with the shift to remote work brought on by Covid-19.


The solution

Octacom was selected as the Digital Mailroom and Scanning Services provider to partner with 360insights due to Octacom’s expertise and process know-how to deliver high quality and reliable digitization services.

Octacom worked closely with 360insights to implement a comprehensive front-end process outsourcing solution, which includes the following:

  • Mailed claims are centralized and managed by Octacom through daily PO Box service.

  • Claims are transported securely to Octacom for processing.

  • Claims undergo Document Preparation (including removal of staples, repairing torn pages, taping down small receipts, etc.) and are scanned in colour using Optical Character Recognition creating searchable digital files.

  • Claims are identified by customer and any exceptions are set aside for return to 360insights.

  • High-quality images and data are transmitted to 360insights within a 24-hour turnaround time via Secure File Transfer Protocol.


The resultsCase Study_360insights - The Results

Octacom was able to successfully achieve 360insights’ project objectives that included:

  • Partner with an organization that can deliver accurate, timely, and reliable services.

  • Ensure data handling processes meet 360insights' high standard of data processing requirements, including SOC 2 certified.

  • Removing the need to invest in and maintain software and hardware to complete these tasks in-house.

  • Eliminating the need to manage seasonal staff and the related HR issues (i.e. absences, training, etc.).

  • Lowering the claims processing cost.

By delivering on the above, Octacom has become an integral partner to 360insights, offering flexibility and scalability for its expanding Consumer Rebate services.

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