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Data Security

Ensure confidential data is kept safe. Prevent the risk of lost or stolen data using robust technology and safeguards. Leverage comprehensive audit trails to monitor access to information.


Digitization of your mail increases accessibility across your organization. Easily control access to documents with a centralized database.

Streamline Workflows

Eliminating manual sorting and delivery of paper files will decrease your turnaround times. Process mail quickly improving customer and employee experience.

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Proof of Delivery Management: Lafarge has been able to realize significant cost savings through reduced manual hours and elimination of lost revenue

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Digital Mailroom Page_Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs

Save resources on opening, extracting and forwarding print mail by outsourcing your mail handling needs. Automating the digitization of mail and corresponding data capture will drastically reduce the time and energy spent on traditional mail handling. This can pertain to: invoices, claims, sweepstakes, rebates, onboarding documents, contracts, delivery tickets (BOLs) and more.

Digital Mailroom Page_Eliminate Bulky Paper Storage

Eliminate Bulky Paper Process and Storage

Paper documentation takes up valuable space and is susceptible to physical damage, loss, misfiling and privacy breaches. Eliminate the need for paper storage in your mailroom by outsourcing the digitization process allowing your team to focus on higher value-add tasks.

Digital Mailroom Page_Accelerate Turnaround Times

Accelerate Turnaround Times

Manual mail sorting and data entry is slow and susceptible to errors. Physically transporting paper throughout your organization is inefficient. Get information into the right hands faster.

A Breakdown of Octacom’s Digital Mailroom Services

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Receive, open and prepare documents for scan (remove staples, mount small items and repair tears)


Scan paper documents to create high resolution electronic records


Perform data capture and administer quality control to ensure images are clear and data fields are correct


Deliver the digital files and corresponding data in a variety of formats and custom output options


Secure document destruction can be arranged following an agreed-upon short term retention period

Octacom integrates with your existing software so you can retrieve, analyze, and distribute digitized mail with just a few clicks.

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