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Octacom's onshore and offshore BPO solutions focus on increasing efficiencies utilizing digitization, automation and multi-sequence robotic processes.

Technological Advantage

Digitize manual tasks with Octacom using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation technologies to provide employees the flexibility to focus on more high-value responsibilities.

Seamless Integration

Octacom's tailored solutions will focus on solving your specific challenges while seamlessly integrating into your existing software and services.

Improve Quality and Turnaround Times

Automating and digitizing manual processes will ensure your organization is receiving improved quality results and quick turnaround times.

Automation Challenges, No Problem

Engage Octacom's outsourced service model and validation team to perform any tasks that cannot be automated, while achieving savings over your current internal processing model.

Dedicated Client Service

When working with Octacom, rest assured that you'll have a dedicated client service manager to ensure you receive the best quality and care.

Easily Reduce Costs

Take advantage of onshore or offshore resources, depending on security and budgetary constraints, to outsource and automate tasks while saving money.

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Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses that spend less time on processing and organizing manual documentation can dedicate more energy to business growth opportunities. Business process outsourcing gives companies the freedom to ramp up or scale back their initiatives based on workload and employee capacity. As BPO specialists, we make the investment in people and technology so you don't have to.

BPO Page_Better Use of Time and Talent

Better Use of Time and Talent

Without an automation system in place, employees often get pulled away from their primary work responsibilities to carry out repetitive, administrative tasks. Inevitably, this means companies are overpaying overqualified employees to complete jobs that could be easily automated. With BPO and other applications in place, employees spend more of their time executing high-level, high-value tasks.

BPO Page_Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

SMBs struggle to keep up with the competition of larger enterprises. However, by automating processes and outsourcing non-core functions, SMBs give themselves a leg up, especially in increasingly crowded markets. Streamlining AP automation, proof of delivery and eStatement delivery provides SMBs the latitude to compete with bigger companies right out of the gate.

How You Can Implement Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) at Your Organization

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1. Identify non-core manual operations for your team to automate.


2. Work with a BPO specialist at Octacom to create a custom outsourcing strategy that is responsive to your unique challenges.


3. Implement an automated, digital process leveraging Octacom's AI, ML and RPA technology to reduce costs, improve quality and streamline workflows.


4. Octacom's technical and client service teams will partner with you to seamlessly integrate your BPO solution with your existing software and systems.


5. Realize increased efficiencies, improved data accuracy and reduced costs.

Octacom provides a variety of BPO use cases that generate strong ROI, such as:

Outsourced Shared Services

Document Scanning

Data Entry and Indexing

Survey Processing

Payment Claims Processing

Customer Rebates Processing

Sweepstakes Processing

Account Opening and Onboarding

Cheque Processing