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Key Features of

Accounts Receivable Automation

Lower Costs

Process, transmit and store data electronically to maximize efficiencies. Eliminate physical document handling and data entry.

Reduce Errors with Automation

Automate the capture of core data from customer orders, POD documents, payment remittances and more. Enable notifications for missing documentation to ensure completeness of records.

Automated Processes

Automatically route electronic invoices, payment remittances and POD documents thereby reducing Days Sales Outstanding.

End-to-End Integration

Octacom provides full-service integration to facilitate electronic data access and transfer to clients via API or direct access, or financial institutions through integrations to banks, payment and EDI networks, and ERPs.

User Accessibility

With unlimited user access through Octacom's tailored Odiss Client Portals, your customers and employees will always be able to access data and statements when they need them.

Secure Storage

Maintain data that is easily accessible to your internal and external teams in a long-term secure archive that will allow you to adhere to applicable retention and compliance requirements.

Accounts Receivable Page_Improve Accuracy and Accessibility

Improve Accuracy & Accessibility

Automated data capture improves the accuracy of your accounts receivable processes. Octacom makes it easy to report, store and access documentation. No more off-site storage solutions or bulky file cabinets; just centralized and verified data you can trust. Leverage granular user and security permissions to ensure security and compliance are maintained while improving accessibility to data.

Accounts Receivable Page_Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Octacom accommodates your billing and reporting cycles, manages your distribution lists and reports back on successful and unsuccessful deliveries. All of these solutions work together to reduce your overdue invoices and support your cash flow. Octacom's exception management portal allows your staff to quickly and easily communicate with clients and resolve anomalies.

Accounts Receivable Page_Reduce Turnaround Times

Reduce Turnaround Times

Increase productivity and decrease time spent handling print documents. Accounts receivable outsourcing improves results: within 24 hours or less, your clients receive and access their invoices, statements or report information from anywhere in the world.

How Octacom’s Accounts Receivable Automation Can Streamline Your Workflow


Import accounts receivable data using an automated seamless integration between Octacom and your existing ERP system or accounting software.

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Automate delivery of digital invoices or POD documents using Octacom, thereby accelerating your cash flow.


Confirm receipt of invoices through electronic delivery methods, including EDI. Maintain historical AR information in one central, secure archive.

Save on Costs and Wasteful Spending

Cut down on costs by implementing automated AR processing. Do away with bulky paper storage and manual reconciliation.

Octacom’s accounts receivable services and software allow you to process invoices, handle statements and report your financials quickly and accurately. By eliminating manual processes, you will drastically reduce your internal costs and accelerate your company’s cash flow. Octacom offers a cost per page solution for unique pricing flexibility with no incremental costs or licensing fees and no capital investments in software or hardware.

Outsourcing and automating invoice, payment claim and POD processing allows clients to take full advantage of Octacom's best-in-class extraction and processing technology. Further, leverage Octacom's Odiss Software, a customizable cloud-based and SSO-enabled solution. 

Octacom integrates with your existing ecosystem to accelerate and automate your accounts receivable processes.

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