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Manual data entry processes are slow and prone to errors. By automating data extraction, your organization can leverage efficient and accurate access to information across departments. Data capture automation can be used on existing electronic files, or in the course of digitizing paper files. Octacom's quality control processes and validations ensure 99.9% accuracy. 

Data Capture Page_Automating Data Capture

Octacom utilizes the latest technology to automate data capture including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) in order to accelerate document processing and lower the per document cost. 

Data Capture Page_Data Capture Automation with Existing Electronic Files

Unlock the power of your data.


Fast Turnaround Times

Octacom's data capture process offers quick access to data, driving efficiencies within your organization.


Customizable Fields

Every client has unique challenges and so are Octacom's solutions.


Automated Validations

Octacom can seamlessly pull information (such as Purchase Orders and Receipts) from your existing systems to validate data captured.


Exceptions Management

Any exceptions identified through the validation process can be managed in Octacom's Exceptions Management Portal leveraging the Odiss Cloud Software.



Resulting data captured can be easily integrated into your organization's existing systems through data exchange or API integration.



Digitizing data capture allows for the creation of permanent electronic records providing safe, secure and consolidated data archival.

Data Capture in Action 

Create a customized and easy to use central database with Odiss to securely store electronic records.

Odiss_Document Viewer Image

Captured Data

Custom data fields are displayed here to be easily verified and edited as needed.

Document Image

The scanned document image or file extracted from email is displayed here for users to easily compare the captured data with the original document.

Integrate Workflows

Automate workflow actions to move documents through an approval process.

Simple User Interface

Download, print and easily email electronic records and corresponding data for efficient distribution of information.

Validate Data

Data validation rules can be implemented to ensure saved data will integrate with existing systems and processes.

Automated Data Capture can add value across your organization, regardless of industry.

Finance: Extract key invoice data, payment claim data or receivables data to facilitate automated processing and reconciliation.

Health Records: Extract valuable patient, document type and condition/treatment information.

Proof of Delivery Documents: Extract critical billing information to fuel invoicing workflows.

Legal and HR: Leveraging automated data extraction and validation to catalogue and summarize critical documents.