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Accounts Payable Automation: Key Features

Simplify Invoice Receipt

Centralize receipt of invoices through a variety of options: email forwarding, custom vendor portal, EDI, and our digital mail room services.

Automate Invoice Capture and Matching

Eliminate manual data entry, purchase order matching and GL/dimension coding through automated capture increasing efficiencies and reducing cost, thanks to our AI and Machine Learning technology.

Digitize Complex Approval Workflows

Octacom’s Odiss Software caters to your delegation of authority and invoice approval workflow with simple dashboards, notifications and insights.

Secure Archive and User Management

Octacom provides a rich searchable archive with the ability to enable granular user permissions to satisfy compliance requirements.

Improve Organizational Access

Leverage instant digital access to invoices, status of approvals and payment confirmation.

Streamline Exceptions Management

Octacom's Odiss Software allows users to easily automate exception handling and vendor returns, including duplicate invoices, invalid vendors and invalid POs.

Implement a Fully Integrated Solution

Integrate Octacom’s Odiss Software to any ERP or Procure-to-Pay solution to enable a fully integrated and touchless accounts payable automation solution.

Improve Reporting and Analytics

Octacom provides full visibility into the accounts payable process, invoice cycle times, spend by vendor and approver and more.


Learn how Ontario Power Generation manages 110,000 vendor invoices annually with accounts payable automation.

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Accounts Payable Page_Reduce Costs and Increase Scalability

Increase Scalability and Reduce Costs of Invoice Processing

Incoming invoices, exceptions and vendor registrations create a bottleneck in the accounts payable department as teams struggle to keep track of manual processes. A manual process requires that staffing levels grow with invoice volume growth. Accounts payable automation streamlines these processes through automation and software, allowing our clients to grow with ease while saving valuable time and money. In fact, our clients save over 50% of their AP costs when switching to Octacom.

Accounts Payable Page_Improve Visibility and Accountability

Improve Visibility and Accountability Through Automation Software

A manual AP process is slow and is not transparent. Invoices can get lost in inboxes, in spreadsheets or on people’s desks, and tracking the approval workflow can be challenging. Octacom’s Odiss Software provides complex approval workflows based on your delegation of authority with all financial controls in place to provide visibility into invoice cycle times and direct accountability to approvers within the organization. Notifications, alerts and auto-escalations ensure invoices are actioned to keep the company moving forward.

Accounts Payable Page_Reduce Invoice Cycle Time

Reduce Turnaround Times and Capture Early Payment Discounts

Invoice capture, GL coding and approvals take up valuable time. Automation drastically reduces the turnaround times on invoice processing and approval, allowing our clients to take full advantage of payment discounts and avoid late fees. Receive complete, accurate data in a fraction of the time with Octacom's scalable approach.

Best-in-Class Accounts Payable Process

Average processing price per invoice:


with automation


without automation

How Accounts Payable Automation Works

Scan Icon

Vendors send invoice documentation via email, EDI, vendor portal or PO Box. Invoices are then processed through data capture, PO matching and validation.

Capture Icon

Odiss Software controls your approval workflow, exception management and vendor maintenance.

Cloud Icon

Your ERP or Procure-to-Pay solution shares master data, including vendor and PO data, general ledger accounts and payments, while Odiss pushes approved and coded invoices automatically.

Leverage Odiss for Seamless Invoice Management

Odiss_Dashboard Image

Approval Queue

View all invoices requiring approval in one central location. Leverage user permissions to limit user visibility. Receive email notifications when action is required.

Exceptions Portal

The exceptions tab allows users to identify invoices that failed validation and edit properties to resolve any discrepancies quickly and easily.

Archived Invoices

Store invoices that have been approved and voided in a central database for easy retrieval and analysis.

User Management

Create users and manage their security level and permissions within Odiss, or leverage SSO to integrate with existing systems.

Audit Trails

Review actions taken by users within the Odiss portal for increased security.

Vendor Management

Lock vendors to place those invoices "on hold". Provide special instructions to the data capture team for specific vendors through Odiss.

Odiss integrates with your existing software to accelerate your accounts payable workflow and is ERP-agnostic. We integrate with many ERPs.

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