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Document Scanning

Create electronic records that are easily accessible and secure.

Data Capture

Collect, analyze and transmit data with ease throughout your organization.

Statement Presentment

Convert raw data into statements for presentment to your customers.

Streamline Workflows

Automate data workflows to streamline your operations and reduce cost.

System Integration

Integrate with your information systems and with your partners.


Hamilton Health Sciences: Bringing Patient Medical Files Into the 21st Century

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Digital Transformation Page_Integrate a Comprehensive Solution

Integrate a Comprehensive Solution

From outsourcing the digitization of legacy paper files, to automating data entry and workflow processes, Octacom offers full end-to-end solutions that will seamlessly integrate with your existing software and systems. From health records scanning and indexing all the way to financial process automation, we can help.

Digital Transformation Page_Centralize Document and Data Solution

Centralize Document & Data Storage

Reimagine document and data storage in today’s digital world. Reduce time and space to optimize your staffing resources. Improve customer and employee experience with robust search capabilities providing quick retrievals and delivery confirmation details.

Digital Transformation Page_Improve Data Security and Accuracy

Improve Data Security & Accuracy

Avoid the human input errors that come with traditional data entry methods. Control user access to data through a centralized user security administration and take advantage of robust audit trail records for improved security.

How Digital Transformation Streamlines and Organizes Manual Processes


Receive paper documentation or digital files from customers and vendors via secure courier, PO Box servicing, email forwarding, EDI, vendor portal, and more.

Capture Icon

Digitize paper files and extract data using Optical Character Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Cloud Icon

Store data and documents securely with permanent electronic records easily accessible and distributed by users.


Control user permissions, generate reports, automate approval workflows, and integrate with counterparties, among other features.

Express Scripts - Use Case

Octacom processes and extracts data from millions of payment remittances annually. This data is centralized within Odiss Software for medical service providers and clients to access to their statements and data for payment reconciliation purposes. There are over 80,000 users accessing this application across Canada, ranging from large multi-location chains to single-location practices. This service supports Express Scripts as well as the Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits program.