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Paper filing methods are inefficient, waste storage space and are vulnerable to physical damage, loss and privacy breaches. 

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Improve document accessibility with scanning projects, creating a digital archive that is instantly available for retrieval, analyzation and distribution.

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Arbor Memorial: Digitizing Legacy Paper Records

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Octacom’s scanning services enable convenient digital archive creation

Improved Data Security

Protect against lost, stolen or compromised files. Back up every document in case of emergency.

Enhanced User Accessibility

Control access to files on a per-document basis. Grant users the ability to easily access files with the help of a searchable archive.

Lower Costs

Reduce your need for physical storage and reliance on inefficient manual processes. Streamline and improve data access to lower your operating costs.

Key Features of Octacom's Document Scanning Services

Case Study

Secure high-volume scanning to ensure the integrity of all documents is maintained


Ability to accommodate various sizes, formats and quality of paper documents


Fast turnaround times and ability to manage peak volumes


Leverage Octacom's Odiss Software as a long-term archival solution


Creation of searchable files in standard industry formats such as TIFF, PDF and JPEG using Optical Character Recognition


Strict chain of custody controls and robust audit trail to ensure the security of paper files and facilitate retrievals during processing