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Document Scanning

Improve access to documents and reduce your environmental footprint.

High volume document storage puts a strain on organizations as they run out of space and spend too much money storing and accessing files. If you need better access to the information in your business documents, as well as improved file integrity and security, consider a document scanning project. As a standalone or complimentary service, document scanning significantly improves information management inside of an organization.


Access Documents Easily

Problem: Too much time and therefore money, is being spent on accessing and retrieving documents from traditional filing methods. In some offices you must retrieve information from multiple places before you make a decision or reply back to a client.

Solution: Document scanning gives you digital files that you can access instantly for easy retrieval, look-up and distribution. Cut down on search time by having all of your information in one centralized location.


Protect Valuable Information

Problem: Paper files contain valuable information that needs to be reliably secured. Paper documents are vulnerable to physical damage and loss over long periods of time.

Solution: Once documents are scanned, you have a permanent electronic record of the important information they contain, in their original form for back-up and disaster recovery. Your data is safe, secure and consolidated. Breathe easy knowing that document scanning and our strong security standards and practices will always keep your information safe. Click here to read more about our security and privacy standards.


Repurpose Storage Space

Problem: Not enough physical space to store the volume of paper documents your organization produces and the space that is being used is expensive.

Solution: Every square foot of your business property is valuable. When documents are stored on servers, you free up valuable real estate for other purposes in your business. Storing off-site already? Document scanning for digital storage can completely eliminate these costs.


Reduce Environmental Impact

Problem: Beyond financial costs, continuing to use paper documents has a large environmental impact.

Solution: There will no longer be a need to use physical paper copies of documents to use within your teams. Everyone who will need information can access it digitally in seconds instead printing and distributing physical copies. Every year Octacom recycles enough paper to save an average of 1,200 trees. Taking part in our shredding services allows you to positively impact the environment. Improve your workplace efficiency as well as decrease your environmental footprint.

Do you have a high-volume document scanning job? We would love to hear from you and help you scope out your project, contact us today. 

eBook: Top 7 Savings of Electronic Document Management

What you will learn:

  • How “going paperless” can be of significant value to your business
  • How much time is spend searching for lost documents and how you can recover that cost
  • How other businesses are using electronic document management to improve processes as well as save time, space and cost

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Custom-SaaS Solutions

A custom SaaS (software as a service) solution allows you to get software that is customized specifically to your requirements. Without costly upgrades or modifications, custom does not mean more expensive.

What makes our approach better is that for less cost we provide the software you need, designed the way you want it to work and look. Ask us how custom SaaS software can benefit your organization and meet your requirements for your document management.