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About our clientROElogo-web

Roots of Empathy is a Canadian organization offering evidence-based classroom programs to various rural and urban communities worldwide.


The challenge

As part of their efforts to continually improve the curriculum and quality of their award-winning evidence-based classroom program, the client had an immediate requirement to process survey feedback forms for the 2010 calendar year.

However, the organization did not have the systems or staff available to handle the volume of responses, especially with a short deadline required to process the survey data and collect the results for the program by year’s end.

Efforts to process this data in previous years had resulted in long delays in getting the results needed to implement improvements in a timely manner.


The opportunity

On an annual basis, the client requests feedback on the effectiveness of their training programs from instructors, teachers, parents and students involved in these programs.

They were looking for a vendor they could trust, who offered good value and that had the experience and expertise to process these surveys accurately and consolidate the results into a database for future analysis.


The solution

Case Study_Roots of Empathy_The ChallengeIn the summer of 2010, Octacom provided Survey Capture and Processing Services which included processing many different types of respondent’s feedback totalling over 9,000 survey feedback forms.

This service included survey design recommendations, scanning all paper-based surveys, extracting and indexing survey results using data capture software and developing a spreadsheet to consolidate all data and images into a single database.

Utilizing this database, the client now has complete access to their survey images and associated data for analysis, reporting and data extraction to support their goal of striving to continually make quality improvements to an already very successful program.

The results

diamond-color Much faster turnaround time for processing survey results and implementing program improvements
diamond-color Big improvements in the quality and reliability of data captured and processed
diamond-color Better consolidation of survey forms and data for analysis, reporting and extraction
diamond-color Effective recommendations for survey forms design to entice responses

The success of this program has resulted in Octacom providing these Survey Capture and Processing Services on an annual basis.

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