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Estée Lauder Cosmetics Ltd., founded in 1946, is a global leader in the prestige beauty industry. They are manufacturers and marketers of quality skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products which are sold in over 135 countries and territories.

The challengeCase Study_Estee Lauder_The Challenge

Estée Lauder Cosmetics Ltd. (Canada) was using a manual process for the retrieving, handling, filing and distribution of their Human Resources employee records.

Manual processes made it both time-consuming and labor-intensive for staff to retrieve and share documents.

In addition, storing documents in their original paper format left them at risk for loss or damage.

The company wanted to convert their paper-based HR employee records to secure and easily retrievable electronic images and make them easily available online to their authorized users.


The solution

Octacom offered Estée Lauder a proven Records Conversion Service to cost-effectively convert and archive their HR employee records.

Document Imaging Services

With Octacom’s Document Scanning and Imaging Services, a complete electronic file was created for each existing employee record. Records are now secure yet easily accessible in an electronic image format. No more lost or damaged documents. All new documents are sent to Octacom on a periodic basis where they are scanned, indexed and processed.

Odiss™ Document Management Software

diamond-color To retrieve their electronic HR employee documents, Estée Lauder implemented Odiss™ to provide their HR staff with web-based access to their centralized employee files.

diamond-color Electronic HR employee documents can be quickly searched, retrieved, viewed, printed, faxed and emailed.

The results

With Octacom’s Records Conversion Service, Estée Lauder has increased productivity and reduced costs. Their Human Resource staff now has fast, secure and timely access to information. Since paper file management (document storage, retrieval and supplies) has been eliminated, costs have been reduced. With their Human Resource employee documents securely stored in electronic format, Estée Lauder now has a permanent record in case of backup or disaster recovery.

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