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Save time and money by automating your Accounts Payable process

Welcome to Octacom Document Management Solutions

Octacom provides high-quality document management solutions that bring value to our clients simply by making processes better, faster and less expensive.  We look forward to speaking to you about your document management needs.

What is Document Management?

Document management involves the processes and procedures your organization uses to capture, store, secure and retrieve information.

We like to help our customers solve their document management problems.  We will take the time to make sure we understand your environment and challenges. We will work with you to provide the best solution and services based on your budget, timing and desired outcomes.

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Accounts Payable Automation
Octacom performs all of the activities necessary to automatically process your vendor invoices. We also provide services and software for long-term archival and document retrieval post-payment.

Find out about our Accounts Payable Automation solutions.


Looking to improve business processes for your document management requirements?

  • Accounts Payable?
  • Human Resources?
  • Warranty or claim processing?
  • Financial application processing and approvals?
  • Receivable and billing applications?
  • Insert problem here?

We Can Help. Let's Talk

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