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Document Management Software

Private cloud portal provides a solution for business process improvement.

It’s the 21st century and there is no need to be losing files, office space and time to your paper documents. Rely on Octacom’s private cloud portal to provide document management solutions for mid- and large-sized organizations at cost-effective rates.

With a document management portal you can access critical business documents through your web browser on any device from your desktop to a tablet. The ability to access all of your information instantly makes knowledge management easy and efficient as it should be.

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Better Security

Problem: A lack of protection in storing critical business documents on your premises can put important and sometimes sensitive information in jeopardy. Where strict privacy and compliance are critical, your business could be at risk.

Solution: Digital storage consolidates information in a secure, private cloud environment that allows you to limit access to who can view, copy, edit and print a document. With access controls settings, employees who need to view a document can do nothing more than just that. Now you can continuously monitor all user activity with a complete audit trail of access to all documents as well as all user activity within your documents and data.

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Faster Access

Problem: Accessing documents is time consuming and inefficient. Get back valuable time lost searching for missing and misplaced files within your business.

Solution: Retrieve any document from your desktop or mobile device. Document scanning and conversion of computer data into a versioned archive document or report allows for you to find your information by just a click of a button. Experience the difference between finding the data you need in 10 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes.

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Reduce Storage Costs

Problem: Physical paper storage is expensive, whether you are using your own space or paying for an outsourced warehousing solution. Keeping your records in filing cabinets contributes to weak information management and significant office space lost.

Solution: Having all your documents accessible in a private cloud portal significantly reduces space taken up by your filing cabinets and systems. Along with document scanning, we provide secure document shredding services. This option ensures your office stays clutter free.

Do you have questions about Octacom’s Document Management Software and how it could be implemented? Contact us to learn more about our scalable solutions for your business.

Octacom’s Document Management Software

Octacom’s software is developed, supported and maintained by Octacom. It is the perfect partner with our document and electronic imaging services. Once document conversion is complete, we provide a simple, ready-to-use, cloud document management software that is very effective and easily scales to add more applications and functionality.

Designed to be easy to use and complete with the necessary everyday functions you will need such as search, view, print, annotate, email and much more. Every solution presents a personalized feel and the basic screens and functions are setup to suit your specific needs. For clients that require more workflow, exception handling or approval processing, we will work with you to build out your solution to include the additional functionality you require.

We want your document management software to have the look and feel of your corporate logo and/or brand identity. We can seamlessly integrate within your existing corporate website with single sign-on capabilities and automated user authentication, further enhancing your corporate image and user acceptance.

Supporting multiple input layers including mobile, portal, scanned image, email, fax and electronic data streams, documents can be uploaded directly through mobile devices and from multi-function devices. This eliminates courier costs and accelerates turnaround times.