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Custom Solutions with SaaS Software and Application Development

We deliver solutions quickly that meet your ever-changing business needs.

Are you looking at a document management software and frustrated with your options? Is it the limited functionality from buying off-the-shelf software? Is it the costly and time-consuming integration period, with modifications that never achieve the desired result? Perhaps it’s the time frame to implement the solution? Whatever the challenge, we can help.

Octacom specializes in delivering custom solutions providing you with the tools you need to do things more efficiently with increased productivity. It will change the way you interact with your customers, allow you to gain further operational efficiencies within departments and enhance workflow processes.

We deliver projects of all sizes utilizing an efficient Agile approach which builds software incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once. This approach ensures that the most important functionalities are built first, adding additional features as the project progresses which minimizes development costs compared to traditional application development or third-party integration.

Supporting multiple layers including mobile, portal, scanned images, email, fax and electronic data streams, documents can be uploaded directly with any PC, tablet or mobile device.

Time and Money

Stopwatch iconThe Challenge: Implementing a new software solution is not an easy task. The development time is typically underestimated because no matter how thorough your planning process was, there are always unforeseen requirements. Traditional software development does not enable quick changes which slows down the process and is overall more costly to implement.

Our Approach: Octacom’s Agile approach responds to your changing requirements with minimal impact on cost and timelines. It is important to launch a project quickly because this provides you with early feedback; more insight is gained into what the business process truly involves. As your team gains familiarity with the solution, more insight is gained. The best decisions for additional improvements come naturally over time and are not always known at the beginning of the development process.

Your Branded Solution: Secure Single Login

Security lock iconThe Challenge: When new software is purchased it is branded by the company that developed it. Expensive software integration forces users to log in and out of multiple applications and remember passwords. This is frustrating and an inefficient use of time.

Our Approach: A custom built solution will seamlessly integrate within your existing corporate website. It has single login capabilities and automated user authentication.

We do not brand our software as it is your custom solution. It will have the look and feel of your website. By branding it with your logo this further enhances your corporate image and user acceptance.

Ongoing Modifications and Upgrades

Icon of person on computerThe Challenge: The cost of your document management software increases with each modification or upgrade you require. As new business requirements are discovered and change over time, the unplanned expenses of making these changes to your software sky rocket. You spend more and more money and never achieve your desired results.

Our Approach: A custom SaaS software approach ensures that the solution is built the way you need it to function and upgrades are part of the package. We ensure the delivery of initial business value by confirming that the most important functionalities are built into the framework. Once completed, we can add new features aligning with your changing business processes. By successfully fulfilling the highest prioritized requirements there is no risk that resources will be wasted.

40 Years Exceeding Client Expectations

Get the tools you need now to be more efficient and increase productivity. Octacom specializes in delivering custom solutions. Ask us how a custom SaaS software and application development could be the right choice for your document management requirements.