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Optimizing Electronic Health Records to Deliver Better Care

Everything is being converted to digital under the new EHR systems from x-ray images, post-operative reports, prescription histories and more!

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Document Scanning Services for Human Resource Files

Employees are a company’s greatest asset and that’s why protecting and managing their records is vital to their long-term success. Tasks such as hiring, conducting performance reviews and providing safety awareness are just some key responsibilities of employers and/or their Human Resources departments. Documenting all this information can be a paper-intensive process, thus making it […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Digitize your AP Documents

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to review your company’s processes and see how they can be made more efficient. One of the best places to start is by reviewing your accounts payable processes. The accounts payable department is essential to keep your company running smoothly. In today’s business world, improving AP […]

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The Benefits of Document Scanning and Document Management for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships generate hundreds of paper documents every day including but not limited to loan forms, leasing agreements and sales contracts. They also have to maintain for a period of 6 years the records of each sale, lease, consignment contract, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and copies of Safety Standards Certificates. Keeping these documents in the […]

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5 Benefits of Document Management for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry involves huge quantities of signed paper documents.  Many of these documents must be stored for several years at a time, due to laws that real estate agencies must follow. As a result, there is a significant risk of human error and documents can be misfiled or lost. Staying organized, finding documents […]

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November 9, 2017 is World Paper Free Day!

For Octacom, EVERY DAY is World Paper Free Day! However, while we know the importance of transitioning from paper processes to electronic, many individuals and businesses still aren’t sold on the idea. On November 9th join in the campaign to raise awareness and help reduce the amount of paper generated inside and out of the […]

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Engineering: The Benefits of Digitizing Large Format Documents

In industries such as engineering, architecture, construction and manufacturing, large-format paper drawings and documents are commonplace. Their large size makes them more vulnerable to being damaged when handled and they also take up a lot of valuable office space, as well as being hard to copy and share. Once digitized and indexed, oversized documents are […]

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Proof of Delivery and Waybill Scanning and Software: Automate Your Proof of Delivery Process

What if you could speed up many of the time-consuming tasks related to your proof of delivery process? Normally, paper proof of delivery documents have to be handled by several people before being scanned and saved in a system. During this time-consuming process, documents can get damaged or lost causing slow customer invoicing and making […]

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Document Scanning for Children’s Aid Societies

Through Children’s Aid Societies, Ontario is working to help children across the province gain a stronger sense of family and community. Children continue to suffer from abuse and neglect, and it is the community’s responsibility to ensure the safety and support they need. In order for the Children’s Aid Societies to achieve this, case files, […]

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Go Paperless with eStatements

Are you still sending paper statements to your clients? Paper-based companies are struggling to keep up with the new digital age. Traditional statements require a constant supply of paper, printing material, postage, staff to print, fold and mail paper statements monthly and also require arrangements with a postal or shipping service. eStatements are identical electronic […]

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The Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

Patient medical records are the backbone of providing top quality medical services. They are necessary to provide medical practitioners with a detailed background of a patient, enabling them to give the appropriate advice and treatment. The retention of these critical documents is encompassed in the Public Hospitals Act (PHA) – Regulation 965 – Section 20(3) […]

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Document Scanning and Records Retention Requirements for Law Firms

Document Scanning and Records Retention Requirements for Law Firms

Through its extensive and comprehensive approach, the legal industry often necessitates copious mountains of paper usage. Due to various acts and bylaws focused on record retention, legal professional quickly find themselves surrounded by this paper.

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Vendor Portals: Improve AP Invoice Processing for Your Enterprise

Leveraging vendor portals is a simple way to improve invoice processing for accounts payable as well as streamlining the reconciliation and charting from AP books.

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Document Scanning Saves Files from Harm

Be Proactive for the Unexpected

Is your business prepared for the unexpected? Document scanning and archiving allows your business to be proactive for unforeseen events.

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Business Process Automation and Organizations

Organizations have a lot on their plates. Issues including availability of capital, scaling, marketing and more can leave businesses with a great deal of frustration.

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Thought Leaders: Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing for Organizations

Outsourcing the day-to-day business processing tasks means less strain on staff in many departments and more time and resources open to move the company forward.

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Is Your Organization Equipped to Compete in the Knowledge Economy?

With daily advances in technology and a connected global community, many of the traditional barriers of entry to grow a business on a global scale are no longer a concern.

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Thought Leaders: Tips for Effective Digital File Management

Regularly reviewing practices and protocols for effective file management systems and procedures should be a recurring upkeep task for an organization’s operations department.

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Corporate Roundup the Benefits of Going Paperless

Thought Leaders: The Benefits of Going Paperless

Paperless technologies have revolutionized the way businesses document and share information as well as improve business operations.

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The Benefits of a Cloud Solution with Third-Party Integration

The Benefits of a Cloud Solution with Third-party Integration

Octacom has successfully integrated its solutions with many of the industry’s largest enterprise systems. Learn how cloud-based systems fit into the equation.

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The Transformative Benefits of AP Outsourcing

5 Important Benefits of Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Outsourcing accounts payable tasks has become a popular, and sometimes necessary, option in maintaining an organized and balanced book.

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4 Ways to Streamline SAP Data Workflows for Enterprise

4 Ways to Streamline SAP Data Workflows

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning is a popular solution employed by enterprises to manage their overall business operations and customer relations. Learn more benefits!

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Tablet that says: Access your data anytime, anywhere

How a Vendor Portal Slashes AP Costs

Using a Vendor Portal will not only reduce your costs but will also have a positive impact on your vendor relations and improve productivity of your existing staff.

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Thought Leaders: What Was Your Company’s Biggest AP Problem, How Did You Solve It?

Thought Leaders: What Was Your Company’s Biggest AP Problem, How Did You Solve It?

We spoke with leaders in a variety of fields to talk about what they identified as their biggest AP problem, and the steps their organization took to resolve the issue.

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5 Reasons to Automate SAP for Organizations

5 Reasons to Automate SAP for Organizations

Organizational workflows are often burdened by manual inefficiencies. Routine tasks are taking up excessive time and resources.

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Legal document being signed

Paperless Options for Contracts

Are your legal documents and contracts in paper form? Read more about the benefits of paperless options for managing these critical files!

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Man stressed about paper all over his desk

Paper Wars

Going paperless is ultimately inevitable. The challenge is to overcome human resistance to change so that your organization can enjoy the benefits of going paper free.

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Five Document Management Outsourcing Myths

Best-in-class companies are four times more likely to contract out business processes that may have been previously performed internally – Find out why.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Document Management

What are the benefits to outsourcing your document management? Find out just how valuable outsourcing can be for your organization.

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Thought Leaders: What is Your #1 Tip to Optimize Business Processes?

We had the chance to chat with nine C-level experts to get their perspective on the question: “what is your #1 tip to optimize business processes?”

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Is Knowledge Management the Key to Modern Business Growth?

When knowledge is managed capably, not only does the organization benefit, so do its staff members, business connections and clients.

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Paperless Office: The Top 12 Benefits of Going Paperless

Is your office looking to go paperless? Learn how going paperless will save you time, money and stress.

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E-invoicing help business

How E-Invoicing Can Help Your Business

Imagine if missing invoices, late payments, and long cycle times were a thing of the past.

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Vendor Portals: The Future of Accounts Payable

Discover the benefits of a vendor portal, and how it can save your AP department countless hours and a great deal of lost productivity.

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Can Document Imaging Really Save Money?

The average office spends $20 in labour, filing or retrieving a single document. What other costs can be saved by integrating a document imaging solution?

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business optimization driven by cloud based services

Business Optimization Driven by Cloud-Based Services

These days, many companies, from small start-ups to multinational corporations are discovering the power and potential of cloud-based services.

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Hand writing "time to cut cost"

Invoice Processing Trends for Businesses

How businesses are processing invoices in today’s world. How are Canadian businesses starting to change the way they operate?

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Accounts Payable Automation

With imaging routing, all your invoices are collected and sorted, opened, scanned, validated, and made available for importing directly into your accounting software.

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When AP Automation Goes Wrong

Performing in-house AP automation often causes more problems than it solves. This article discusses why outsourcing is a far better option for your business. Read more.

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Why outsource AP automation

AP Automation: 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource

Why outsource your AP automation? Here are 4 reasons that will surely convince you.

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ECM Implementations: Why Failure is Not an Option

Choosing a highly experienced, third party service provider can be a huge win for the organization by reducing costs, eliminating risks and ensuring efficiency.

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Computer chip representing Big Data

Big Data Equals Big Possibilities

“Big data” is everywhere, the challenge is now how to utilize all of the data sources for analytical driven decisions that will benefit your organization.

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