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Document Management

Consolidate and secure your documents and access them more efficiently

Documents are essential to business, but they can also be a burden when it comes to storing them, protecting the information they hold, and accessing them when you need them. We understand that you need an easy, secure, and low cost document management solution that will help you take control of your information, save you money, and get all the benefits you need.

Learn more about how a comprehensive and customized document management solution can save you money while protecting and improving your business:

Faster Access

Faster Access

Problem: Accessing paper documents is time consuming and inefficient, particularly in mission critical situations such as an audit or when staff are on the road or working remotely.


Solution: Access any document from your desktop or mobile device. We make your scanned documents easy to retrieve and convert your print data streams into electronic reports and statements that can be accessed securely, quickly, and at a very low cost per page.

Better Security

Problem: Storing business documents on your premises can put important and sometimes sensitive information at risk. Where strict privacy compliance is critical, this also puts your business at risk.

Solution: Digital storage consolidates information in a secure hosting environment that allows you to restrict access to protect your information and your business.

Better Security

Reduce Storage Costs

Problem: Physical paper storage is expensive, whether you are using your own space or paying for an outsourced warehousing solution.


Solution: Reduce or even eliminate the need for valuable storage space by converting paper documents to digital files.

Document Management
Made Easy with ODISS

The Octacom Document Imaging Software System (ODISS) is developed, supported, and owned by us, and it is loved by our customers and thousands of users. ODISS is a fully customizable and scalable solution that accommodates multiple applications, complex access requirements, and can be deployed within days.  

It offers Octacom’s clients these essential benefits:

  • Low cost per page pricing with no user licenses 

  • Scalable and easy to add new applications

  • Fast, up and running in a few days

  • No software or hardware to buy or support

Our customers are enjoying these benefits in a wide range of applications across their businesses, including:

Learn more about ODISS and how it can revolutionize document management for your business:



Document Management Whitepapers

Sample Whitepaper coverDiscover the many benefits of outsourcing your document management. Octacom has developed a series of whitepapers to help you understand your options. Download yours today.


You need an easy, secure and low-cost document management solution to take control of your information while saving money. Octacom's solutions are scalable and have no hardware or software to buy and no user licenses. You can be up and running within days. We provide a different kind of document management service. Let us help you find the right solution.

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